100% Natural pure cold pressed jojoba oil
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About us

Jojoba oil has been something used in our family for many years as a remedy for many skin problems. Our story really spans over many generations but for our part, we really started to focus on its values and the value of natural essential oils when our family started. It was important for us to try and use products that we knew would contain no artificial nasties and that would of course, work as intended. The hardest part was trusting what we were using which brought us to the point of creating our own products for our family to use. The next obstacle we faced was sourcing ingredients that we knew were absolutely 100% pure and natural. We wanted to ensure that the products that we used were ethically sourced and derived from plants that were GMO free. Our belief is that using clean pure ingredients will give us the best results and contribute to good health.

The unique healing properties of pure Jojoba oil on its own is next to none. It is commonly known that Jojoba Oil is naturally closest to the natural sebum that our skin produces. Loaded with vitamin E and B-complexes plus its ant-inflammatory properties truly makes this the wonder oil. Used as an ingredient in may skin care and hair care products, our aim is to give this all to you bringing it down to basics.

Jojoba Oil on its own is amazing for hair, skin, and nails. Finding the best Jojoba oil to use was our first achievement then through the years we have developed blends that suited the particular needs of our family members. Not only out of desire, but also out of necessity we have had to use very pure products for our children’s very sensitive skin. The first creation of Jojoba Baby was developed over many years of testing on the sensitive skin of our three children, two of which suffer from eczema. It took years of testing and searching for the best ingredients to get it to its perfect state that we have it at today. It has been a much-loved blend with not only our family but all our family and friends.

In time as our children grew we had moved our focus on caring for their eczema. Having a mother that suffered from psoriasis, motivated us to think outside the box and implement the use of pure essential oils to create a new product to help the healing process brought us to where we are today with the development of Jojoba Care, the outcomes of this blend were amazing and we could not wait to get it out there and share it with everyone.

We definitely are a generation that is more aware of what we put in and, on our bodies. This has motivated us to share our knowledge and experience by making these products available to everyone. Our aim is to provide natural pure oils products to suit all needs, keeping everything simple and pure being our first rule. With the sourcing of the perfect essential oils we are excitedly anticipating the launch of additional products to add to our range.

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do.